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Update: March 6, 2000

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Main Conferences
Name Goal When Where Early Registration Basic Cost Comments
General Technology 25-27Jan00 Washington, D.C. 7Jan00 free Like FOSE: just go to pickup stuff.
General Technology 23-25Feb00 San Francisco, CA 24Jan00 $1390 Art&Interface design seminar
Advanced Tools 27-29Mar00 San Francisco, CA 15Feb00 $795 Probably more graphics oriented.
Advanced Tools 27-30Mar00 Santa Clara, CA 25feb00 $995  
  18-20apr00 D.C. 17Mar99 $25(Exhibit Only)/$795 Decent floor show with free seminars/full conference schedule not yet available.
Advanced Tools 5-8Jun00 San Francisco, CA   ~$1500 The Java conference
Advanced Tools 17-21Jul00 Seattle, WA n/a $1585 Bigger version of Studio 200
General Technology 7-11Aug00 Washington, D.C.     General conference, bit business heavy
Internet World '98 General Technology 23-27Oct00 New York, NY Not yet announced.

Free (expo only)

Full $1395

A big one. Lots of interesting stuff.
Presenters 30Oct-4Nov00 San Antonio, TX Submission Deadline: 23Feb00 Not yet announced. This is a conference where we would participate (AS/education)
Training Continuous Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; New Orleans, LA     Specific training for Macromedia
Training Continuous        


Past Future/Notables


Target Goals
Goal Definition
Advanced Tools In-depth information regarding web development tools: dreamweaver, flash, directory, fireworks, Java
Broadband/High Interactivity Delivery of multi-user/high data rate sites:
Database/MetaData Technologies dealing with information storage/retrieval/relationships: DB's, XML
General Technology General state of what's available and who's doing what with it: floor shows
Horizon Expansion Subjects related to web and information processing: computer/human interaction


Any conference/training/seminar one wishes to attend must directly address one of the goals above. If there is a conference one really wants to attend, consider presenting a paper/poster.

NOTE: The horizon expansion is jde's, smk has not signed up to it yet, but he will.



There was a question on whether training things, such as Global Knowledge could be covered under tuition reimbursement. The current answer is no. From Eugenia Ryan:

Bob and I agree these are seminars and are not candidates for tuition reimbursement. These classes should fall under the seminars area.