Office of Public Outreach
List Serve Production
  List Administrated? Conditions/Comments
General Public General Public
  • Cheryl G. is procuring the basis for this list.
  • Monique is collecting email requests for membership on this list.
News/Media Trusted Media
  • Cheryl G. needs to be able to add people to this list at any moment.
  • Members need to be able to access the "News in Progress" site from any machine. Usernames and passwords are changed regularly.
  General Media
  • List exists (currently ~2000 people). Cheryl is dividing this list into "General Media" and "General Public".
Education/Informal Science Educators
  • Bonnie has this list.
  Planetariums & Museums
  • See John Stoke for this list.
  Important Persons & Institutions
  • Who will be the administrator of this list?

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