Online Outreach
Communicating Hubble's Mission and Discoveries to the Public

Notes from the Executive Team Meeting (9.26.00)

Attendees: John Stoke, John Godfrey, Jonathan Eisenhamer, Mark Voit, Stratis Kakadelis, Lydia Paddock

Notes From White Board

How OO will develop plans/projects - input from our customers (NASA/Tute & the public). We wanted to use true user profiling, similar to what a marketing company might do while developing a product.

Eventually the OO Goals will be redefined to match/respond to the user and NASA needs/requirements. In the meantime the OO Exec team created a set of goals to use to judge which products will be "funded."


  • Communicate HST discoveries & mission
  • Lots-o-Hits (reaching the broadest possible audience -- audience 10-110 M/F, science interested)
  • Expose the public to depth (context w/in astronomy)
  • Awards
  • Collaboration/partnerships/leverage our content

Major Activities (Project Pillars)

  • HST information Source
  • Experts Direct
  • Promotion
  • <larger content connection to astronomy - discussed but not agreed to>

New Ideas for OO Projects

  • cable access infomercial (& NASA TV)
  • tv show about hubble with ads about OO/OPO products
  • movie trailer slides (public service)

Prioritized List of Projects for the Next Six Months

  1. Keeping HubbleSite up and running
  2. Answer Help Desk requests
  3. HubbleSite updates (overview,, TBD section/refinement)
  4. Conduct market research
  5. Promotion (create a structured activity)
  6. Collaborate with news for a PR database driven web site (also to be used in Hubble Channels ideas)