Online Outreach
Communicating Hubble's Mission and Discoveries to the Public

Notes from the Executive Team Meeting (9.21.00)

Attendees: John Stoke, John Godfrey, Jonathan Eisenhamer, Mark Voit, Stratis Kakadelis, (Lydia absent)

Success Criteria

  • body count
  • references
  • retention (knowledge)
  • awards (shows quality)
  • transfer of OO materials to other outlets
  • partnerships

Short List

  • HST mission & content
  • body count
  • expose public to more HST depth
  • audience - 10-110, M/F, science interested

John G. strongly advocated OO conducting market research to define our audience and use that data to drive our projects.

Much of the meeting was geared around a "get to know you" session -- we talked about general OO ideas and how we should organize. No final decisions were made.

Proposed outline for OO organization

Executive Team: Stratis (head), Mark, Lydia, Jonathan, John G. (John S.) [establish mission, direction, priorities]
Core Team: Bonnie, Eli, Monique [resource allocation estimates, feedback]
Partners: Ray (or alt.), Terry (or alt.), John S. [collaboration synergy, feedback]

Executive Team Member's Skills

  • John G. - product marketing, customer focus
  • Mark - science message
  • Jonathan - out of the box tech ideas (carol c's role)
  • John S - big-time partner, brings $
  • Lydia - focusing ideas
  • Stratis - organization, team lead